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St. Mary’s is focused specifically towards encouraging creativity, imparting knowledge based on the key pedestals of creativity, creation, dissemination and application which are blended to an integrated form therefore, creating a synergetic impact on the young minds. Education should act as a link between the Student Community and the Industrial and Social Development. Higher education carries a direct bearing upon human creative & technological resources hence development in creative or technical education becomes automatically identified as priority issue which we proudly bridge.


Our Vision

To emerge as the Global hub in creating and disseminating Knowledge, and providing unique learning experience in Fine Arts, Engineering, Technology, Management, Pharmaceuticals and other areas that will serve the best towards the betterment of mankind.

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Our Mission

Attract and mould fresh talent in a rewarding and inspiring environment by fostering freedom, empowerment, creativity and innovation through acquisition of new parameters in knowledge in a rigorous academic environment, at the same time, organizing and disseminating knowledge resources and providing value added services.

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St. Mary's Visual Arts and Design Degree College


Why Choose Us

Assured and high paying jobs

Highest concentration of world class fine arts companies in Hyderabad. St. Mary’s prepares you holistically to be selected by high paying companies by a rigorous curriculum of practical’s & theory and stringent pre-placement training programs as there is high Demand in Animation, Gaming, Visual Effects & other fine arts. Join St. Mary’s today to get skilled in fine arts as there is a very high demand for animation, gaming and visual effects & other fine arts jobs in Hyderabad by next year 2021. Telangana Govt is Constructing Image (Innovation in Multimedia, Animation, Gaming and Entertainment) Tower for Animation & Gaming Hub in Hyderabad which will propel the already big Fine Arts industry to a premium level in the country, overtaking all other states.

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President's Desk

St. Mary’s Group, under the visionary leadership of our beloved and dynamic President Smt. K.V.N.V. Bharathi Devi provides State of the Art facilities to mentor students in their respective domains of study and the allied areas which are imperative for the holistic Interpersonal development of a candidate.

The arena in the Industry sector is indeed competitive in today’s delirious competition. Students need to be fine tuned essentially with those parameters which are not only the utmost requirements for fetching a lucrative and prestigious career, but also makes the student adaptive to the profuse challenges which paves the way in a regular mainstream work scenario.

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